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Offshore Tax Treaty Relief in India-Mauritius With the Postponement of New Rules

The Indian authorities will grant a stay of one year to the Indo-Mauritius tax treaty which is the backbone of our offshore center.

14 May 2012,

Double Taxation Treaty: India Grants a Respite in Mauritius

Maurice can heave a sigh of relief! The Indian government has decided to postpone by one year the proposed amendment to the General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR).

08 May 2012,

India Plans Review of Tax Treaty with Mauritius - Junior Finmin

India is considering a review of the Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty with Mauritius to raise revenues, Junior Finance Minister S.S. Palanimanickam told lawmakers on Friday.

04 May 2012,

Financial Services: The fate of the Mauritian Offshore in the Hands of Indian MPs

The Mauritian authorities are following with interest the debate in the Indian Parliament in the Budget Speech 2012/2013. A measure of the Finance Bill on tax gain contains elements which might call into question the fundamental Treaty of double taxation between Mauritius and India.

27 Apr 2012,

Offshore: The Exodus Begins

Following the new tax measures in India, including the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) may take over the treaties of double taxation, several private equity funds' moving away from Mauritius to Singapore.

27 Apr 2012,

Tax Treaty: Mauritius Wants Urgent Meeting With India

In the wake of threats of revising the Treaty of double taxation with India, the Mauritian government has asked the country an urgent meeting of Joint Working Group (JWG) between our two countries.

19 Apr 2012,

Offshore: New Indian Tax Proposals Make Investors Cautious

Gains derived by an enterprise of Maurice in the sale of 'compulsory convertible debentures' (CCD) to an Indian company are interests that are taxable in India.

10 Apr 2012,

Offshore: Mauritius Defends the Measures for the Integrity of the Treaty Signed with India

Mauritius is willing to consider changes in the double taxation treaty with India. But these changes must be part of a comprehensive package.

09 Apr 2012,

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement: Ça Chauffe en Inde

Si la décision de l’Inde de serrer les filets fiscaux a été comprise par la communauté des affaires, celle de taxer de manière rétrospective les entreprises qui n’arrivent pas à justifier une présence importante dans le pays qu’elles utilisent pour investir en Inde, a soulevé un tollé.

07 Apr 2012,

Offshore: Mauritian Professionals Criticize the New Indian Regulations

After the threat of the General Tax Code, which would override the tax treaties signed by India, the authorities of the Great Peninsula present the General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR). A new project that will have a negative impact on the Mauritian Offshore.

29 Mar 2012,

Offshore: Mauritius Request Additional Benefits to India

The Indian press is disappointed. While she believed that the dispute between Great Peninsula and Maurice was about to be solved, here that Mauritius has applied for the Permanent Establishments are also covered by the treaty to avoid double taxation.

26 Mar 2012,

Tech Mahindra Announces Satyam Merger

India’s Tech Mahindra announced its long-awaited buyout of IT outsourcer Satyam Computer on Wednesday, creating a new force in the sector with annual revenue of $2.26 billion.

22 Mar 2012,

Ex-ICC Chief Says India Is Illegal Betting Hub

A former International Cricket Council chief on Tuesday accused India of fostering corruption in the sport, saying illegal betting in the country was the root cause of the problem.

21 Mar 2012,

India Looks to Increase Economic Engagement

The announcement of a new economic package from India of a $250 million line of credit and a $20 million grant, during the Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam’s visit to the nation in February this year, came as a fresh avowal of ties that have transformed from mere historic and cultural bonds to more practical and economic impetus.

14 Mar 2012,

IIT Delhi Offers 70 Seats to Local Students

Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology, Dr Rajesh Jeetah’s recent visit to India has further strengthened the relationship between the two countries.

08 Mar 2012,

India Starts To Build Angkor Wat Replica

Hindu trust in India on Monday started a 10-year project to build a replica of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple on the banks of the Ganges.

06 Mar 2012,

Indo Mauritian Cultural Fair & Exhibition in Mauritius

From March 30 to April 8, Maurice prepares to host the first Indo Mauritian Cultural Fair & Exhibition (IMTCE). Organized by Rajasthan Works Ltd., an Indian company engaged in the commercialization of Indian handmade products, the IMTCE be held at the Centre d’ Exposition du port franc à Mer Rouge.

02 Mar 2012,

Indian Ministry Denies Calling Ban on Gay Sex

India’s home ministry disowned arguments made before the Supreme Court on Thursday by a top government lawyer that homosexuality was immoral, “against nature” and should be banned.

24 Feb 2012,

Mauritius showcasing tourism in India

To encourage Indians to visit Mauritius and to showcase the exclusive range of products available here, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority became a partner at the 19th celebration of the South Asian Travel & Tourism Exhibition, considered India‘s biggest B2B (business to business) exhibition in travel and tourism. SATTE, the most anticipated tourism event in [...]

15 Feb 2012, The Independent Daily

Rs 15 000 Billion Transferred from India to Tax Havens, Including Mauritius

The boss of the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation has revealed this Monday, Feb. 13 that the citizens of the Great Peninsula have transferred $ 500 billion to Mauritius, the Virgin Islands, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

14 Feb 2012,