India Mauritius

India Grants a Credit Line of Rs 7.5 Billion to Mauritius

Mauritius and India reaffirm their ties. Great peninsula offered a credit line of Rs 7.5 billion to the Mauritian government.

09 Feb 2012,

Ramgoolam heads to India

On Sunday, the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam headed for his official mission to India. During the six-day visit, the PM will have the opportunity to strengthen the country’s economic and diplomatic ties with India. A high-level ministerial delegation including the ministers Cader Sayed Hossen, Arvin Boolell, twenty private sector delegations including the former finance [...]

06 Feb 2012, The Independent Daily

Non-Double Taxation India-Mauritius: Limitations of the Benefits Introduced

According to press reports of the Great Peninsula, the Non Indo-Mauritius double taxation, currently being revised, would experience significant changes, including the inclusion of a profit-related companies using Mauritius to invest in India.

25 Jan 2012,

Air Mauritius is Increasing its Flights to Mumbai

Air Mauritius will provide four flights a week instead of three in Mumbai from April of this year.

25 Jan 2012,

Renewable Energy: An Indian Minister in Mauritius with Series of Agreements

Farooq Abdullah, the Indian Minister of Renewable Energies, is on an official visit to Mauritius since Tuesday, January 17.

18 Jan 2012,

Indian Investment Rule Change Opens Market to Hedge Funds

Rule changes for foreign investment into India will open investment opportunities for hedge funds. Mauritius, the favoured location for funds accessing India, is likely to remain the preferred route.

11 Jan 2012,

Indian Delegation Arrives To Discuss DTAA

An Indian delegation, comprising high rung government officials is reaching Mauritius on Tuesday to participate in the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) negotiations between the two countries.

20 Dec 2011,

Treaty with India: Mauritius Organizes Resistance

The operators of the finance sector are block. With the approach of discussions between India and Mauritius on the Treaty of double taxation to be held in one week, the Global Institutional Investors Forum (GIIF) says Maurice, despite its legal framework, today prone to intimidation tactics. All in all, the operators expect a positive outcome.

14 Dec 2011,

Announcement of the OECD - New measures to counter tax evasion

Indo-Mauritius treaty is he suspended? India, which is desperate to change it, seems to have found an ally, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

10 Dec 2011,

India Overrules EIILM Varsity's Mauritius Campus Degrees

The legal status of off-shore campus of EIILM University, Sikkim, in Mauritius set up in 2007 has snowballed into a political issue, with University Grants Commission of India making it clear that "degrees obtained from the Mauritius campus cannot be treated as valid".

06 Dec 2011,

India Urges Social Media Sites to Block Offensive Content

India has asked operators of social media networks, including Facebook and Google, to screen user content and remove any offensive material, the information and telecoms minister said on Tuesday, but denied the move was censorship.

06 Dec 2011,

India ‘Suspends’ Retail Reform Plans

India’s government has “suspended” plans to open the nation’s huge retail sector to global competition that have paralysed parliament, a key ally of the ruling coalition said on Saturday.

05 Dec 2011,

International expansion: Mauritius Telecom is Investing Rs 34 million at Sonata Software

After the takeover of the telephone operator in Vanuatu, a small market of 65 000 inhabitants, the incumbent Mauritius has purchased shares in an Indian company, Sonata Software.

02 Dec 2011,

Snakes in Tax Office

An Indian snake-charmer released dozens of snakes in a government tax office to protest against officials who had not responded to his complaints about an application for land.

02 Dec 2011,

Restructuring Plan Could Save Air India $200m

Loss-making national carrier Air India says it is implementing a financial restructuring plan which will cut its loan interest payments by nearly $200 million a year.

01 Dec 2011,

Maurice Contributes 36% Of Foreign Direct Investment In India

According to the report 'Doing Business in India', written by Ernst and Young, Maurice would have contributed 36% of foreign direct investment (FDI) in India from 2005 to 2011.

30 Nov 2011,

Offshore sector: The Indian Supreme Court justified the practice of "treaty shopping"

The Supreme Court of India justifies a practice often called into question in the Indian press as evidence of abuse of the non-double taxation between Great Peninsula and Mauritius.

29 Nov 2011,

Indian Rupee Hits Record Low Against The Greenback

The Indian rupee on Tuesday hit a record low against the dollar, as fears about eurozone debt and the global economy as well as falling local stock markets provoked further selling of the currency.

23 Nov 2011,

Formula One and the village, two faces of India

Meera, illiterate mother of four, does not know his exact age and do not know why, a few hundred meters from his village, the beneficiaries of India's economic'essor will follow Sunday's first Grand Prix Formula One held in his country.

27 Oct 2011,

India's richest getting poorer, says Forbes

India's richest are getting poorer, according to Forbes, as falling stock prices, corruption scandals in Asia's third-largest economy and a global slowdown wiped 20 percent off the total value of the country's 100 wealthiest in the last year.

27 Oct 2011,