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"Privatization" of Some NTC Lines: Anil Bachoo Ensures that There Will Be no Dismissal

The Minister of Public Infrastructure and Transport is reassuring. The decision to "privatize" some lines where the National Transport Corporation (NTC) had a monopoly is only a temporary measure, said Anil Bachoo in response to the Private Notice Question (PNQ) the leader of the Opposition in Parliament Tuesday, June 25

26 Jun 2013, motors.mega.mu

General Strike of NTC Employees: Chaos on Some Roads and Heightened Tension in Vacoas

The watchword general strike was observed by employees of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) buses remain in the garage on Wednesday 26 June.

26 Jun 2013, motors.mega.mu

NTC Strike: Development

Employees of the National Transmission Corporation (NTC) decided late Tuesday, June 25 to begin a general strike for Wednesday, June 26. Decision in protest at the government's decision to allocate some lines where the NTC operates a monopoly to other bus companies. Employees say "fear" for their employment.

26 Jun 2013, motors.mega.mu

Grève à la CNT : Quatre Employés Interpellés par la SSU Puis Reaches

Les employés de la CNT sont remontés à bloc. Ils ont passé la nuit au dépôt de Bonne-Terre dans le cadre de leur mouvement de grève. Et, ce matin, voyant un «van marron»sur la route, alors que, eux, ont décidé de ne pas faire rouler le bus, leur colère a décuplé…

26 Jun 2013, business.mega.mu

Go-Slow In Harbour: Textile Industry Hit Hard

The whole economy is in jeopardy, warns President MEXA. Since the go-slow started by port workers, the textile sector is disrupted, including an order of Rs 200 million in the blocked port.

26 Jun 2013, business.mega.mu

Port Disrupted by a Go-Slow

Operations at the Cargo Handling Corporation (CHC) were idle Monday with the decision of workers to a 'go-slow' due to their disagreement with the recently proposed scale of wage increases.

25 Jun 2013, business.mega.mu

Committee to Look for Anomalies in the Manraj Report

The unionist Narendranath Gopee ad a meeting with the Minister of Public Service, Sutyadeo Moutia on Thursday, June 6. He particularly noted anomalies in the report Dev Manraj. And "The meeting was very positive."

07 Jun 2013, business.mega.mu

Port: Crucial Meeting Face Showdown Management-Worker

The standoff between the management and employees of the Cargo Handling Corporation continues. There are still disagreements on the revision of wages and working conditions. On Monday a meeting last opportunity is planned.

27 May 2013, business.mega.mu

PRB: Feedback from Unionists and Economists

The Manraj report on "errors, omissions and anomalies" of the last report Pay Research Bureau (PRB) was endorsed and released by Cabinet on Monday night.

21 May 2013, business.mega.mu

The UBIW Demand for a Separate Ministry for the Transport Sector

The chief negotiator of the Bus Industry Union of Workers (UBIW) Wakill Lalloo, wants a separate deal with the inland transport ministry. "One minister can not deal with three major sectors, infrastructure, marine and inland transportation," he said.

07 May 2013, motors.mega.mu

Sugar Industry: 40% Wage Increase Claimed

01 May 2013, business.mega.mu

Transport, Alain Kistnen: "Not for an Increase in Bus Fares”

The threat of a strike by employees of the transit sector, on May 1, hovered for some time, but the data has changed.

30 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Transport En Commun: L'ultimatum

Depuis cette fin de semaine, les compagnies d'autobus sont confrontées à un ultimatum des plus délicats dans le cadre du bras de fer engagé avec les syndicats pour une amélioration des conditions d'emploi.

22 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Sugar Industry: The Majority Of Employees On Strike This Morning, According To Organizers

Organizers say about 70% of employees of the sugar industry are on strike, Tuesday, April 9. However, owners can maintain their operations based on contract workers.

09 Apr 2013, business.mega.mu

Public Transport: New Division Of The Union Announced Strike

While the Bus Industry Union of Workers (UBIW) envisages a general strike in the transport sector, the Common Front transport unions refuse to adopt this posture. He asked the Minister of Labour to refer contentious issues to NRB.

05 Apr 2013, motors.mega.mu

Permis à Points : Opération Escargot Dans les Cinq Villes

Le Front commun permis à points maintient la pression. A l’appel de Georges Ah Yan, porte-parole de ce front, des chauffeurs de taxis, de bus individuels et de camions participent depuis ce matin, vendredi 29 mars, à une opération escargot dans les cinq villes du pays.

29 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Penalty Points: One Hundred Drivers on Strike Friday

It is decided! A hundred taxi drivers and bus drivers gathered in the Common Front against the penalty points will be on strike on Friday March 29. Decision was taken on Tuesday, March 26 at the end a meeting of the Common Front.

27 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Contrer Le Permis À Points : Semaine Décisive pour Elaborer une Stratégie

Le Front Commun du Transport (FCT) réfléchit toujours à la meilleure stratégie pour contrer la mise en application du permis à points. Selon les opposants, cette semaine sera décisive quant à la prise de décision.

27 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Common Front Against the Penalty Points: War Between Ah Yan and Bahadoor Open

The Common Front against the penalty points is on the verge of implosion.

19 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Public Transport: Trade Unionists are Threatening a Strike on May 1

A peaceful march took place on Saturday, March 16 in the capital to protest the announced amendments to labor laws.

17 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu