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Road Rage : The Common Front for Disengages Ah Yan

Points ... disagreement arose between the approach of the 'Common Front Recovery Permit to Transport power points' (‘Front Commun Transport pou Redressement Permis à Points’ - FCTRPAP) and that of Georges Ah Yan.

15 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Unions Step up Fight Against Point System

The Transport Unions Front has stepped up their fight against the implementation of the penalty point system by taking legal actions against it as confirmed by the group’s spokesperson George Ah Yan in a press meet in Port Louis on Wednesday.

14 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Front Commun Contre le Permis à Points: Vers une Contestation en Cour

Un Front commun a vu le jour en marge de l'entrée en vigueur du système de permis à points, prévu pour le 1er avril.

11 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Transport Industry: UBIW Invites Workers to Protest on March 16

Workers in the transport industry are invited to March 16 protest in the capital against the "injustice" that prevails in this sector. Penalty points, light rail project, salary review will be the focus of the event will begin at 13 am at Bell-Village to be completed before the Government House.

06 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Penalty Points: Common Front Continues Meetings

"The penalty points represents a danger for professional drivers. "This is the message that is trying to pass the Common Front transport unions through a series of public meetings across the country.

05 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

NTC to Face Tough Opposition from Staff Over Restructuring Plans

National Transport Corporation (NTC) employees are against the recent announcement of a restructuring plan from the company.

04 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Public Transport: NTC Strikes?

If collective bargaining between management and fail the common front of unions, the National Transport Corporation (NTC) could be paralyzed by a strike of employees. This is the threat brandished his chief negotiator, Reeaz Chuttoo. Another meeting is scheduled.

28 Feb 2013, motors.mega.mu

National Transport Corporation: Employees Demand a Wage Increase of 20%

Employees of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) have submitted their proposals for a collective agreement. Also demand salary increase of 20%, they also claim working conditions "more decent".

27 Feb 2013, motors.mega.mu

Permis à Points: Les Conducteurs dans la Rue ce Mardi

Le Front Redressement Permis à Points (FRPAP) ne compte pas faire marche arrière. Ces conducteurs, pour qui le volant représente leur gagne-pain, déplorent le fait que le gouvernement aille de l’avant avec le permis à points sans les avoir jusqu’ici consultés.

26 Feb 2013, motors.mega.mu

Répertoire des Courses Effectuées- Another Document that Angry Taxi Drivers

Controversy surrounding the presence mandatory, a document (notebook) in taxis. The Taxi Proprietors Union disputes this position in 2011 and decided that would be "ignored" for all drivers. Verbalized those displayed their discontent.

22 Feb 2013, motors.mega.mu

Permis A Points : Un Front Commun Constitué Autour de l'ACIM Veut d'un Système « Plus Juste et Equitable »

Défilé et marche de protestation jeudi à Port-Louis

18 Feb 2013, motors.mega.mu

Penalty Points: Critics Come Charging

After the start of Phase 1 of the penalty points through the granting of Driving Licence Counter Part (DLC) since the beginning of the week, the Common Front of Trade Unions Transport is returned to the charge.

28 Jan 2013, motors.mega.mu

Transport Unions: Penalty Points, Demonstration Endorsed a for February 21

After more than 100 minutes of a special meeting called by the Common Front transport unions in the context of the challenge of penalty points, a decision was taken at mid-day to hold an event on February 21 from Champ-de-Mars gardens to the Company.

25 Jan 2013, motors.mega.mu

Public Transport Sector: Conflict Between Unions and Employers Increasing

Neither the union nor the employers do not want to change posture to improve the working conditions of employees of public transport. The first attempt to reconcile the Ministry of Labour has achieved nothing.

20 Jan 2013, motors.mega.mu

Transport Public: Tentative du Ministère du Travail de Concilier Syndicat et Patronat

Les représentants des cinq principales compagnies d’autobus et les syndicalistes du secteur des transports publics sont attendus au ministère du Travail, la semaine prochaine. Le but étant de trouver un terrain d’entente afin d’éviter un éventuel conflit.

10 Jan 2013, motors.mega.mu

Primary: Repeating Grade is Encouraged

Everyone should have the same chances of success in his studies. Automatic promotion is not always well received, since handicapped children with learning difficulties in the long term.

04 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

Mauritian Priorities for 2013

For the new year, many resolutions to take it to be better than the previous. But in many areas, there are also ...

03 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

Demonstration Outside Parliament: Twenty Unionists Arrested

Several members of the General Workers Federation (GWF) who had gathered in front of parliament, were arrested by the police. They demanded that the Minister of Labour gives them the assurance that amendments to labor laws would not be voted.

18 Dec 2012, business.mega.mu

Transport: 37 Resolutions Passed Unanimously

At the Annual Employee of the transport sector, which was held Friday night at Beau Bassin, some 2000 employees of six bus companies have expressed their dissatisfaction with their working conditions.

20 Nov 2012, motors.mega.mu

United Bus Service: Four Unions Mobilize Against NRB

This is a discord that exists in the United Bus Service. The company is powerless in terms of salary increase and four unions are mobilizing against the National Remuneration Board. They denounce the fact that there was no salary increase since 2008. They announce a rally, Monday, Nov. 19, in Port-Louis.

16 Nov 2012, motors.mega.mu