Fraud Mauritius

Rencontrant des Problèmes Financiers : Il Met en Scène un Faux Accident et se Fait Coffrer

Il pensait plumer sa proie. Au final, il s'est fait avoir à son propre jeu. Kadil K., âgé de 26 ans, a été placé en état d'arrestation après qu'il a inventé un accident.

20 Dec 2013,

Fraude Alléguée de Rs 80 M au Préjudice de Bramer Bank : Accusations Abandonnées Contre Six Suspects

Rebondissement dans l’enquête sur la fraude alléguée de Rs 80 millions commise au préjudice de la Bramer Bank.

19 Dec 2013,

Bramer Bank Case : CPA Dip Arrested On Two New Charges

He was first arrested last week and charged with complicity. And Tuesday, December 10, the ACP Anil Kumar Dip was addressed from two other charges in connection with the new investigation into the embezzlement Bramer Bank.

11 Dec 2013,

Assets of Dip and Kotoaroo

Fraud of Rs 80 million to the Bramer Bank is back in front of the stage with the arrest of the assistant police commissioner Anil Kumarsing Dip. Challenge-Plus was interested in the assets of Dip and Kotoaroo. Mohammad Younousse Kotoaroo, a former employee of the bank, is believed to be the centerpiece of this fraud.

09 Dec 2013,

The ACP Anil Kumar Dip Released Against a Bail of Rs 50,000

The high ranking police found freedom after spending the night in police cell. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Anil Kumar Dip arrested by the Central CID (CCID) on Wednesday in the wake of the investigation into the alleged fraud of Rs 80 million to the detriment of Bramer Bank appeared in Court Thursday, December 5.

05 Dec 2013,

Case Bramer Bank: ACP Dip Spend Night in Jail

He should be questioned today Wednesday, December 4th through the diversion of Rs 80 million. But ACP Anil Kumar Dip was not presented. Suddenly, the police arrived at his strength. And placed under arrest.

04 Dec 2013,

Fraud of Rs 40 M: Ramdharry Involves Jugnauth

The Bangaleea saga resurfaced. This time, Nitesh Ramdharry, the man who had accused red activist Hemant Bangaleea of defrauding Rs 40 million, change its version. He now speaks of Rs 8.7 million.

04 Dec 2013,

Mont-Gout: a "Witch" Arrested for Fraud

She claimed to ward off bad luck. And for that, she asked her "clients" to make jewelry and silver ... Marie Marina Rajaloo, 47, was arrested this Monday, Nov. 25 and appeared in court Pamplemousses in a provisional charge of fraud.

26 Nov 2013,

Ponzi Scheme: Two Brothers in Jail

They played cat and mouse with the police. The mare of Sen and Parasar Neermaull brothers, thirties, ended Friday in Black River. These two people of Rivière-du-Rempart be involved in a case of Ponzi Scheme. Thirty fraud complaints were lodged against them in Black River and Rivière-du-Rempart, for an amount of Rs 2,000,000.

26 Nov 2013,

Legal Arsenal Against the Ponzi Schemes

The government takes the bull by the horns to fight against financial fraud, including those involving the Ponzi scheme. It has thus strengthen the legal arsenal to deter illicit financial activities.

22 Nov 2013,

White Collar Crimes: Mission from SFO, London Expected Friday

On the agenda of discussions with the authorities, the establishment of a Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Crime Coordination Committee in Mauritius

20 Nov 2013,

Customs Alleged Fraud: MRA Captures the Mercedes of Lise Coindreau

The investigation of the Mauritius Revenue Authority of fraud surrounding the Returning Resident Scheme continues. This time it is a Mercedes S600L that was seized at the headquarters of Jet 7 , the real estate company of Lise Coindreau. According to reports, the sedan, which was imported in 2011 on behalf of Mary Rita Mootoosamy, was used by the businesswoman.

07 Nov 2013,

Kross Border – Fraude Alléguée de Rs 240 Milliards : Plainte Contre Kolanda Reddy Pour Transactions Non Conformes

Le bras de fer entre l’homme d’affaires indien Kolanda Reddy et Kross Border Coporate Services Ltd prend une nouvelle dimension.

06 Nov 2013,

Fraude Alléguée à la Bramer Bank – Le CP : « Je Ne Reculerai Pas »

Le commissaire de police (CP) est au centre d’une controverse. Il a reçu à son domicile des proches d’un suspect dans l’affaire de fraude alléguée de Rs 80 millions à la Bramer Bank. Dhun Iswar Rampersad se défend et soutient qu’il ne va pas reculer. Que s’est-il passé le 21 septembre 2011 ? Récit...

06 Nov 2013,

Alleged Fraud In The Offshore - Jaye Jingree: "It Is Because Of A Dispute With Shareholders"

This case is at the center of debate in the financial sector. This, after the Indian businessman Kolanda Reddy, majority shareholder and director of Velankani Holding Mauritius Ltd., Mauritius shareholders accused of fraud Rs 240 billion.

21 Oct 2013,

Fraud Tracking Mechanism - Operators Are Rs 150 Million To The ICTA

ICTA calls over Rs 150 million in five international telephony operators as arrears to allow the operation of the Fraud Tracking Mechanism. They accuse him of having spent Rs 62.5 million for a mechanism that does "not work".

21 Oct 2013,

Alleged Fraud In The Offshore: Sushil Kumar Jogoo Questioned 'Under Warning'

Jogoo Sushil Kumar, director of logistics infrastructure company Kross Border, was questioned 'under warning' Monday in the premises of the Central CID.

18 Oct 2013,

Fraud Alleged AML: ICAC Makes Two New Arrests

The ICAC progress in the investigation of a series of irregularities in AML. After the arrest of five suspects, this time two "contractors" Jugdish Halkaury and Dinesh Jaipal, were arrested on Wednesday, October 9.

14 Oct 2013,

Il a Déjà Eté Condamné à 35 Reprises : L’Escroc Lall Dookhy Inculpé à Nouveau

Ils avaient perdu tout espoir de retrouver leurs voitures. Mais Lall Dookhy, 36 ans, condamné pour escroquerie à 35 reprises, a vidé son sac.

30 Sep 2013,

Lotto Winner False: Stellio Antonio, Representing Lottotech, Arrested

Teemul Gokool claimed to be the winner of the Lotto draw on 7 September, the jackpot was Rs 28,365,883. The salesman was arrested by police yesterday and denounced Stellio Antonio, Public Affairs Manager Lottotech. The latter was also arrested on Wednesday September 18th.

19 Sep 2013,