Government Mauritius

Rs 6 Md pour les infrastructures routières en 2012

Le Premier ministre Navin Ramgoolam a procédé, jeudi, à l'ouverture officielle de Phoenix-Beaux Songes Link Road. Longue de 6 km, cette nouvelle route a coûté Rs 287 millions à l'Etat.

21 Oct 2011,

Hedging : Un document de la State Trading Corporation contredit la version de Jeetah

Un document émanant de la State Trading Corporation (STC) indique que le ministre Jeetah aurait effectivement donné son «accord verbal» à l’exercice de hedging effectué en 2008.

13 Oct 2011,

The Phoenix/Beaux Songes Link Road opened on 20

The Phoenix/Beaux Songes Link Road will be officially inaugurated on October 20, a senior framework of the Road Development Authority (RDA). Lights and other facilities have been installed.

12 Oct 2011,

Pillay justifies e-ID project

The new electronic national ID card has lately been in the news for the wrong reasons.

12 Oct 2011,

Government decided to introduce road safety as school subject

The government has taken several measures to curb the number of road accidents. However, the numbers have been increasing and have become a major concern.

11 Oct 2011,

Non-citizens now allowed to buy property

Friday, the Cabinet met in Port Louis under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam.

10 Oct 2011,

New patrol boat for the Mauritius

The National Coast Guard (NCG) will have available a new patrol by 2013.

10 Oct 2011,

Road safety will be taught in schools

The Ministry of Education introduces new material. So next year, road safety will be taught in primary and secondary.

08 Oct 2011,

National Identity Card for 15-years teens

From 2013, teenagers 15 years will have to register to obtain a national ID card.Currently, the national identity card is issued to young people up to 18 years.

03 Oct 2011,

Budget 2012: Preparations are well underway

Deputy Prime Minister Xavier-Luc Duval will meet the leaders of the Joint Economic Council on Tuesday to review the 'Budget Memorandum' of the private sector.

03 Oct 2011,

Sayed-Hossen plans action against illegal use of LPG

Tuesday, the minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Cader Sayed-Hossen, kick-started the Gas Safety Awareness Campaign at The Link Hotel, Ebene.

29 Sep 2011,

Tree lopping starts along Curepipe roads

The Municipality of Curepipe launched a tree lopping campaign earlier this week to avoid possible risks to pedestrians and the public in general. This aim is to cut trees that crowd the roads in the city of Curepipe.

28 Sep 2011,

Construction of the road Terre-Rouge/Verdun/Ébène completed on 40%

The 'Link Road' Terre-Rouge/Verdun/Ébène is seen as convenient access for vehicles from the North. This new path will inevitably relieve the M1 and M2

27 Sep 2011,

Le permis à points bientôt une réalité

Les automobilistes n’ont qu’à bien se tenir sur nos routes ! D’ici peu, le permis à points sera une réalité.

27 Sep 2011,

Violent acts hamper construction works

Deputy prime minister Dr Rashid Beebeejaun, minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping Anil Bachoo, Dr Abu Kasenally, minister of Housing and Lands, PPS Abdullah Hossen and officers of the National Development Unit (NDU) and Road Development Unit (RDA) conducted a site visit in constituency no 2, Port Louis South and Port Louis Central on Tuesday.

14 Sep 2011,

PM announces a squad of 50 bikers to control speeders

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, has once again reaffirmed its intention to impose strict laws on our roads. He announced the establishment of a new squad composed of 50 riders who will have the role to monitor speeders.

08 Sep 2011,

MPA is planning to build RS 20-billion terminal

The Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) is planning to build an Island Terminal in three phases over a 60-hectare plot of land off Mer Rouge to accommodate two million containers.

05 Sep 2011,

Forum launched on road traffic

A half-day workshop on cross-collaborative research exercise on the impact of road traffic on the economy, environment and health in Mauritius was organised on Thursday at the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (MSIRI), Réduit.

26 Aug 2011,

Public infrastructure-Colas: Bachoo hastened to respond to allegations of Bérenger

The Minister of Public Infrastructure, Anil Bachoo, has decided to respond to the Leader of the Opposition, this Wednesday, August 24. The press was informed of a press briefing in a hurry, Tuesday, Aug. 23.

24 Aug 2011,

New parking lot raises controversy

To improve the standard of living of the inhabitants of the towns of Vacoas/Phoenix, the municipality has worked out a vast number projects.

24 Aug 2011,